Be a tour leader

Why promoting a pilgrimage?


Have you ever thought organizing a Parish Pilgrimage? It is a great way to build new friendships with people who share your same faith.
We will provide you with the best price available giving to pilgrims high level accommodations and daily tours. You will be assisted by a professional highly trained Tour Escort who will be with your group at all times, taking care of the needs of your pilgrims, in order to leave you free to enjoy your trip.
You’ll receive all the assistance you need during the tour and never be left alone.
We will give you a very well planned pilgrimage resulting in wonderful memories that will last for a lifetime.
Are you a Priest? Want to see more people come to church? Then bring them on a pilgrimage and be their Spiritual guide and Tour Leader. Those who will travel with you will join also future journeys and will definitely have a deeper respect for your ministry. Besides, all of them will bring more people, making your community grow more and more.

How to promote

A tour should be promoted 8/10 months prior to departure, informing all your friends and parishioners on the pilgrimage you are planning, although we can accept new registrations up to 60 days before the scheduled.
Announce your departure date as soon as possible. Tell people where and how to register. Invite them to visit our website. Invite as many people as possible, you never know how many of them may be involved in these new experiences. Promote your pilgrimage by using any form of advertisement: flyers (to be sent upon request), church magazines or newsletters, even though, according to our experience, the “person-to-person” contact seems to work out perfectly.
Remember that, in order to take part to the pilgrimage, the prospective pilgrims have to leave a deposit of $ 500,00 to allow them to be members of the journey, as described in the Terms and Conditions on our website and encourage them to bring as many friends as possible to share this unique experience of faith. Pilgrims may be invited to join your group, even if they come from any different place you’ve lived or worked in the past.
For priests, the pilgrimage is a great opportunity to expand their ministry to people outside of their church.
Feel free to get in touch with us for any information you may require. We’ll be glad to answer and to cooperate with you.

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